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Who are we?

Home Living Luxury

At Home Living Luxury, we pride ourselves on being a unique and versatile company, specialising in commercial and residential wooden pods often used in glamping settings. Our adaptable pods can also serve various purposes, including home offices. We manage every stage of the process from design and manufacture to transportation and installation, ensuring a seamless experience.

Beyond our pods, we offer premium commercial fit-outs with saunas, ice baths, gym equipment, and garden décor. Through strategic partnerships with leading brands, we deliver bespoke packages tailored to diverse needs for clients across the UK and Ireland. Dedicated to exceptional quality, attention to detail, and swift turnaround times, we stand by our products to ensure you experience true luxury at home.

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Bespoke Pod Design, Procurement and Fabrication

Bespoke Pods

Our Core

At the heart of our operations, we specialise in creating custom pods and cabins tailored for both commercial and residential use, managing the entire process from design to delivery.

Based out of London, our main focus is on serving clients in the UK and Ireland, though we also extend our services across Europe.


Whether you're running a thriving enterprise or starting a new venture, we can craft tailored packages to meet your glamping and venue needs. Our speciality lies in 2-4 person glamping pods, adaptable for various purposes like cafés, changing rooms, and WC facilities. Additionally, our commercial grill cabins offer a combined space for cooking and dining.

Each project is custom-made, allowing us to create packages that perfectly suit your business. Our diverse range allows for flexibility. To compliment our pods; for resorts and hospitality, we also provide premium décor, cooking and heating appliances and for wellness and health resorts, we offer gym equipment, saunas, and ice bath packages.

In summary, we customise our pods to meet the unique needs of your glamping site or any other business model. Everything is designed, fabricated, and made bespoke to suit you and your business.


Our glamping pods are often reimagined as home offices, garden rooms, or home gyms. This versatility enables us to assist with your outdoor home improvement projects.


Overall, our aim is flexibility. By offering individual items and package deals across various industries and ventures, we're confident we have what you need. We strive to be your go-to destination for wooden building structures, whether for commercial or private use.

Other Specialities

Home Living Luxury - Other Specialities - Residential


We specialise in supplying British and Irish homes with high-quality wooden pods, saunas, ice baths, gym equipment, and luxury garden décor.

Our wooden pods are perfect for creating unique home offices, garden rooms, or personal retreats.

We offer premium saunas and ice baths designed for home wellness, along with commercial-grade gym equipment tailored for residential use.

Our luxury garden décor, including stylish furniture and unique decorative elements, transforms outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Home Living Luxury - Other Specialities - Commercial Fitouts

Commercial Fitouts


At Home Living Luxury, we provide comprehensive commercial fitout solutions for wellness spaces.

Our offerings include luxury saunas customised to fit your specific space and aesthetic preferences, ice baths crafted to the highest standards of safety and efficiency, and a full range of commercial-grade gym equipment designed for durability and modern appeal.

Outdoor Hospitality Venues

We specialise in outfitting outdoor hospitality venues with premium products that enhance the atmosphere and functionality of your space.

Our offerings include stylish garden furniture and unique decorative elements to create inviting and visually appealing spaces, lighting solutions that range from mood-enhancing to functional illumination, and a variety of heating options such as elegant fire pits and efficient patio heaters.

Key Product Lines


Small Single Room Sleeping Only Glamping Pod - Home Living Luxury


Mammoth 2-6 Person Glamping Cabin - Home Living Luxury


Dual Tiny 2 Person Glamping Cabin - Home Living Luxury


Large 2-4 Person Glamping Cabin with Extension - Home Living Luxury


Medium Double Room Sleeping Only Glamping Pod - Home Living Luxury


The "Valhalla Ice" Glamping Barrel - Home Living Luxury


Maze Outdoor 6 Seat Round Bar Set with Ice Bucket


Maze Outdoor Ascot Ice Bucket Rattan Side Table


Maze Outdoor Oxford Royal U-Shaped Sofa Set with Rising Table


Maze Outdoor Martinique 4 Seat Sofa With 2 Tables


Maze Outdoor Winchester Lounge Set - 3 Piece


Maze Outdoor Ambition 2 Seat Sofa Set


Primal Strength Personal Series Multi Rack System


Primal Strength Personal Series 34kg Adjustable Dumbbells (PAIR) With Stand


Pulse Fitness Premium Line Long Pull 100kg (220lbs) Weight Stack with 10.1" Touchscreen Console

From €6.157,95

Primal Strength Performance Series ISO Incline Leg Press


Primal Strength Personal Series 25kg Adjustable Dumbbells (PAIR) With Stand


Pulse Fitness Club Line Indoor Rower


4-8 Person Traditional Barrel Sauna - Home Living Luxury

From €4.853,95

Four Person Traditional Outdoor Corner Sauna - Home Living Luxury

From €3.942,95

Two Person Infrared Outdoor Sauna - Home Living Luxury

From €3.334,95

Premium Three Person Traditional Indoor Sauna - Home Living Luxury

From €3.638,95

Luxury "Studio" 3-5 Person Traditional Outdoor Sauna - Home Living Luxury

From €7.283,95

3-4 Person Outdoor Sauna Cover for EAO-004 and EAO-005


1-2 Person Oval Cold Plunge Tub - Home Living Luxury


RotoSpa DuoSpa S080 - 2 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub


1-2 Person Round Cold Plunge Tub - Home Living Luxury


Canadian Spa Co Cold Water Therapy Chill Tub


1 Person Rectangular Ice Bath - Home Living Luxury

From €5.825,95

1-2 Person Oval Ice Bath - Home Living Luxury

From €5.218,95

Home Living Luxury: A Recognised Key Player in Outdoor Luxury

As Featured in Abode2

11th October 2023

We are thrilled to announce our feature in the latest issue of Abode2 Magazine, where Home Living Luxury has been identified as a pivotal player in the realm of outdoor luxury. This recognition means the world to us and is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional outdoor living experiences.

We've always believed that the way we live in our outdoor spaces is as vital as our indoor living, and being acknowledged as a key player in the luxury living market by Abode2 Magazine underscores the significance of our work.

As a brand, we've consistently strived to merge the best of luxury, sustainability, and innovation, crafting bespoke outdoor solutions that resonate with our clients. We're delighted to see that Abode2 shares our vision and recognises our efforts in transforming outdoor spaces into extensions of our homes.

This feature serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we are deeply grateful for this recognition.

With us, you don't have to settle for ordinary; you can embrace the extraordinary.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Abode2 Magazine for recognising our vision and mission, and to our clients for their trust and support in our journey. Together, we'll keep exploring new horizons in the world of outdoor luxury living.

Our Environmental Initiatives

South Pole Collaboration

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it's at the core of our business practices and product offerings. We continually seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact and contribute positively to the communities and regions where we operate. Home Living Luxury is deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility, and we're proud to collaborate with partners who share our values.

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of financing climate action, driven by our deep understanding of the urgency of the climate crisis. To actively address this global challenge, we have established a meaningful partnership with South Pole, wherein we contribute a portion of our profits to support and invest in high-integrity climate action projects worldwide. This extends to reducing emissions in transportation, promoting energy efficiency in industrial processes, and supporting projects that protect biodiversity and benefit local communities.

We undertake a rigorous process to measure our environmental footprint and evaluate the greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact of our company and products, which is actively visible below.

The figure below represents our cubic tonnes of compensation which we have contributed to helping South Pole and their initiatives.

Offsetting Emissions:

The figure represents the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we compensate for. By investing in initiatives and projects, we essentially balance out our own carbon footprint.

Reducing Energy Use

Some of these initiatives focus on improving energy efficiency. By doing so, we help lower the overall energy consumption and, in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to business.

Protecting Nature

Supporting projects that protect biodiversity and natural ecosystems has a direct positive impact on the environment. These projects often involve conserving forests, wetlands, or wildlife habitats, which are essential for maintaining a healthy planet.

Benefiting Communities

Many of our environmental projects also bring social benefits to local communities. By helping these communities thrive, Home Living Luxury is indirectly contributing to the well-being of people and, by extension, the environment.

We want you to be... at Home, Living, in Luxury

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