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Shipping Policy

Welcome to Home Living Luxury, where we are dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience for your luxury outdoor goods. Our Shipping Policy is designed to ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of your valued purchases. This comprehensive policy serves as a store-wide guideline for your convenience, outlining every step of the shipping process and your rights as a customer.


Order Confirmation:

Upon placing your order with Home Living Luxury, you'll promptly receive an order confirmation email. This serves as confirmation that we've received your order and pre-authorised your chosen payment method. We'll communicate with our suppliers to confirm item availability. In case of back-orders or unavailability, we'll notify you and void the pre-authorisation. Ready-for-shipment items will be processed for charges and dispatched within 2 business days.


Transparent Communication Throughout Fulfilment:

Communication is at the heart of our commitment to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience. From the moment you place an order to the time your luxury outdoor goods are delivered to your doorstep, we keep you informed every step of the way. You can expect timely updates on the status of your order, including details about the expected delivery date and any specific instructions you need to be aware of. Our aim is to ensure that you are well-prepared and informed about the upcoming delivery of your cherished purchases, fostering a sense of confidence and satisfaction throughout the fulfilment process.


Shipping Rates 

Free Shipping to UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland:

For our valued customers residing within the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, we're pleased to offer free shipping on your luxury outdoor goods. This allows you to indulge in our premium products without the worry of additional shipping charges.


Channel Islands and International Shipping:

For those located in the UK Channel Islands or seeking international delivery, we're more than happy to facilitate the shipment of our luxury outdoor goods to your doorstep. However, as shipping costs vary based on factors such as destination, size, weight, and shipping method, we will need to provide you with a personalised shipping quote tailored to your specific purchase.

Obtaining a personalised shipping quotation is simple. All you need to do is reach out to our experienced team. Our dedicated professionals will work closely with you to provide an accurate and competitive shipping quote that aligns with your requirements. We understand the unique shipping needs of different locations and are committed to ensuring a seamless process from order confirmation, to delivery.

It's important to note that, while we do obtain a pre-authorisation on your payment card when you place your order, we will not capture the payment until we have confirmed that you are fully satisfied with the provided shipping quotation.


Order Processing and Lead Times:

Standard Orders (Excluding FesFoc and Custom-Made Projects):

Orders, excluding FesFoc and custom-made projects, are processed within 1-2 business days from the order placement date. This swift processing ensures that your purchase is prepared for shipping promptly.


FesFoc and Custom-Made Projects:

These exclusive projects require meticulous fabrication and customisation, resulting in the following lead times:


FesFoc Custom-Made Projects: Approximately 10-12 weeks.

Custom-Made Projects: Typically completed within 10 working days.

Please note that these lead times are additional to the shipping timeframes outlined below.


Delivery Timeframes

For in-stock items, we process your payment and dispatch within 2 working days. You'll receive tracking information via email within 48 hours of dispatch. If tracking details are not received within 4 working days, kindly contact us for assistance.


Orders, excluding FesFoc and Bespoke Projects: Expected delivery within an average of 3 working days after dispatch.

FesFoc Custom-Made Projects: Delivery within 3-5 days after fabrication (10-12 weeks lead time).

Bespoke, Custom-Made Projects: Delivery within 3-5 days after fabrication (fabrication typically completed witthin 10-15 working days of order placement). You can expect all bespoke orders to arrive within 15-30 working days after order placement, unless we state otherwise.


Shipping Methods and Carriers:

Home Living Luxury partners with established and trustworthy carriers to ensure the secure and punctual delivery of your orders. Our range of shipping methods is designed to cater to different needs and preferences, guaranteeing a seamless experience for our valued customers. Depending on factors such as destination, product dimensions, and weight, we offer several shipping options:


Ground Shipping: This method is suitable for standard deliveries within the designated regions. Your order will be transported overland to ensure a reliable and cost-effective shipping solution.

Air Freight: For quicker delivery, we offer air freight options, which expedite the shipping process. This choice is ideal if you wish to receive your luxury outdoor goods promptly.

Specialised Carriers: Certain products require specialised handling and transportation due to their size, fragility, or unique characteristics. In such cases, we collaborate with carriers experienced in handling specific items to ensure safe and careful delivery.


Customs Duties and Taxes:

For international orders outside of mainland UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland, it's important to note that customs duties, taxes, or fees may apply upon delivery. These charges are the responsibility of the customer and may vary depending on your channel island/ country's regulations. We recommend checking with your local customs office for more information on potential charges.


Your Global Source for Luxury Outdoor Goods

Home Living Luxury proudly serves as your worldwide provider of exceptional outdoor products. Whether you're aiming to enhance your outdoor living space or create a captivating backyard environment, our offerings are available to customers around the globe.

For inquiries regarding international shipping, personalised shipping quotations, or any other inquiries, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team. We are here to assist you in finding the optimal shipping solution for your requirements. Get in touch with us at or +442034359402, and allow us to bring your dream into fruition.


Our Commitment to Timely Delivery:

We want to assure you that even when we experience high order volumes, we remain committed to ensuring that your orders are processed and delivered in a timely manner. Our operational efficiency is bolstered by our extensive network of trusted couriers, distributors, and partners. This network allows us to effectively manage and fulfil a large number of orders while maintaining the high standards of service that you expect from Home Living Luxury.

Delivery Address and Contact Information:

Accurate contact information is essential for smooth delivery. Please note that delays due to inaccurate or incomplete data cannot be attributed to us or our shipping partners.

To guarantee a successful delivery experience, kindly double-check and verify the correctness of your delivery address and contact details before finalising your order.


Change of Shipping Address:

We understand that circumstances may change, and you might need to update your shipping address after placing an order. To ensure a smooth delivery process, we kindly request that you promptly contact us if you require a change in your shipping address. By notifying us as soon as possible, you help us avoid unnecessary delays and potential fees that may arise from address changes after processing or shipment has occurred. Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated, and we are here to assist you in making the necessary adjustments to your shipping information.


Rare Instances of Delay and Our Commitment:

While we strive to maintain efficient and timely deliveries, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances can lead to rare instances of delay. In such situations, our commitment to you remains unwavering. We believe in transparent communication, and if a delay does occur, we will promptly inform you about the reasons behind it.

Additionally, we will provide you with updated delivery timeframes, ensuring that you are fully aware of the revised schedule for receiving your luxury goods. We understand the importance of your time and your satisfaction, which is why, in cases of significant delay, we may offer you a discount off your future purchases as a token of our dedication to your experience and happiness.


Signature Confirmation and Reporting Damages:

Certain larger items, such as swim spas, hot tubs, saunas, and products from the FesFoc and bespoke ranges, require a signature confirmation upon delivery. This essential measure ensures the secure receipt of your valuable purchase and serves as confirmation of the item's satisfactory condition upon arrival.

Before affixing your signature to acknowledge receipt, we strongly recommend conducting a thorough inspection of the delivered items. Carefully examine the packaging as well as the contents for any visible signs of damage, such as dents, scratches, or other anomalies. In the event that you identify any issues, promptly photograph the damaged areas and any relevant packaging.

Your vigilance in documenting any damages is crucial, as it provides essential evidence to initiate a claim process with the delivery driver and courier service. This documentation significantly aids in expediting the resolution of any concerns you may have regarding the condition of your order.

Upon identifying and documenting any damage, please promptly notify our dedicated customer service team at or +442034359402. Provide us with comprehensive details about the damage, including the photographs you have captured. Our team will diligently work to address the situation and provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution.


Holidays and Peak Season 

Planning Ahead:

We recommend that during holiday seasons or peak periods, you consider placing your orders in advance to account for any potential delays. While we work diligently to minimize disruptions, planning ahead ensures that you can enjoy your luxury outdoor goods when you need them.


UK and Ireland Bank Holidays

At Home Living Luxury, we are committed to ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of your luxury outdoor goods. However, we understand that there are times when external factors, such as holiday seasons and peak periods, may impact the normal shipping and delivery process. During these periods, including UK and Irish bank holidays, it is important to note that there might be potential delays in shipping and delivery due to the significantly higher volume of orders being processed.

Please be aware that UK and Irish bank holidays, which include public holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter Monday, and other similar occasions, are observed and respected by Home Living Luxury. On these days, our operations, including order processing, shipping, and delivery services, may experience temporary suspension.

As such, any orders placed in proximity to these holidays may be subject to delayed processing and shipping. We encourage our valued customers to plan their purchases accordingly, taking into account potential delays during these periods.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns about the potential impact of holiday and peak season delays on your order, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team at or +442034359402


Privacy and Security

At Home Living Luxury, we understand the importance of safeguarding your personal and payment information. Your privacy and security are paramount to us, and we have implemented robust measures to ensure the protection of your data throughout the ordering and shipping process.


Stringent Compliance with UK and Irish Payment Laws:

We are fully committed to complying with the stringent data protection and payment laws of the UK and Ireland. Our practices adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK and the Data Protection Act 2018 in both the UK and Ireland. These regulations are designed to ensure that your personal information is processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently.


Secure Payment Processing:

When you place an order with us, rest assured that your payment information is handled with the utmost care. We utilise industry-leading payment processors that employ advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard your financial details. This ensures that your payment information remains confidential and protected against unauthorised access.


Confidentiality and Data Integrity:

We treat your personal information as confidential, and we limit access to only those employees and partners who require it to fulfil your order and ensure a smooth shipping process. We take proactive steps to maintain the integrity of your data and prevent unauthorised use or disclosure.


Secure Communication:

Our communication channels are secured using the latest encryption technologies, which means that any information you share with us, whether through our website, emails, or phone conversations, remains confidential and protected from interception.


Continuous Improvement:

At Home Living Luxury, we are dedicated to ongoing enhancements in our shipping and handling procedures. Through regular evaluations and adjustments, we strive to optimize the efficiency and reliability of our delivery processes. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we stay current with industry best practices and technology advancements, allowing us to provide you with a consistently improved shipping experience.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our privacy and security practices. We regularly review and update our procedures to stay ahead of emerging threats and to ensure that your information is handled in line with the latest legal requirements.


Contact Details

Home Living Luxury trading as TK Inc Limited.




Phone: +442034359402 


Mailing Address: 

207 Regent Street

3rd Floor


Greater London


United Kingdom


For further inquiries about our shipping policy, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.