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Luxury 12 Person Grill Cabin - Home Living Luxury

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Luxury 12 Person Grill Cabin  - Home Living Luxury

What is a Grill Cabin?

Grill Cabins, a novel and innovative concept in outdoor living, represent a contemporary fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Born from the desire to create unique spaces for social gatherings and culinary experiences, these cabins seamlessly integrate into gardens and yards, redefining the traditional outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

With their distinctive rounded spruce board walls, bitumen shingle-covered roofs, and charming hexagonal windows, Grill Cabins offer a blend of durability, comfort, and style. Designed for year-round use, these cabins provide a sheltered haven for family occasions, intimate gatherings, or simply enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors.


12 Person Grill Cabin (9.2m2)

Venturing into even more spacious territory, our 12 Person Grill Cabin (9.2m²) can hold its own with most family gatherings. With dimensions of 3760 x 3250, it graciously accommodates 12 individuals, creating an ideal setting for family parties and get-togethers. This cabin offers ample space for laughter and personal enjoyment while still maintaining close proximity with each other. This versatile option can be further enhanced with an extension or as part of a dual cabin design.


    Our Grill Cabins

    Our Grill Cabins are meticulously crafted with a focus on durability and user-friendly design. The walls boast premium-grade Norwegian rounded spruce boards, ensuring both resilience and an aesthetically pleasing finish. The high-quality preservative finish, professionally applied in the factory, allows you to personalise your cabin with a choice of main and trim colours.

    Our grill and chimney kit embody sustainability, wood beauty, and a human touch, crafted from durable materials carefully selected and glued. The grill comes with cooking platforms, a table around the grill, a decorated grill table safety fence, and an adjustable chimney. The total height of the chimney is 206 cm, with a grill height of 62 cm. All surfaces are meticulously painted using a powder coating designed to withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees (not direct flames). The grill is made from 3 mm cold-rolled steel sheets, welded using TIG-type welding, while the chimney is produced from 2 mm steel using spot-welding techniques.

    Our grill cabins are crafted with longevity and heavy usage in mind. We back our cabins with our warranty and we stand by the quality, design, functionality and aesthetic charm of our grill cabins (as we do with all of our products). Our Grill Cabins transcend the realm of mere outdoor structures; they are an invitation to forge a connection with your outdoor space.


    Key Features

    1. Premium Grade Spruce Wood Walls and Roof: The walls and roof of our grill cabins are meticulously crafted from premium grade Norwegian spruce wood. This exquisite wood not only lends natural beauty to the interior but also ensures that your grill cabin remains sturdy and long-lasting, without any bowing or bending.
    2. Premium Quality "Viking" Cooking Equipment: High-quality grill for cooking with dedicated platforms for convenient food preparation.
      1. Tables Around the Grill: Additional tables surrounding the grill, providing extra space for cooking utensils, ingredients, or serving dishes.
      2. Adjustable Chimney: Chimney designed for easy adjustment, allowing precise control over the grill's temperature.
      3. Grill Cover: Protective cover for the grill, ensuring its longevity and shielding it from the elements when not in use.
      4. Firewood Ring: Dedicated ring for storing firewood, ensuring it's easily accessible for continuous grilling.
    3. 5 Inside Benches from Spruce (2 Folding Benches): Comfortable benches crafted from spruce wood, providing ample seating. Two of these benches are folding, offering flexibility in space usage.
      1. Cushions for Benches (Brown or Blue): Soft cushions available in your choice of colour (brown or blue) for added comfort during seating.
    4. Exterior Painting: Our grill cabins are professionally spray-painted in your chosen colour, providing a high-quality preservative finish that enhances durability and aesthetics. See the painting dossier below for colour swatches.
    5. Beautiful Tongue and Groove Flooring: Our Grill Cabins feature tongue and groove flooring made from premium grade Norwegian spruce wood, ensuring exceptional durability and a seamless, elegant appearance. The interlocking design of this flooring enhances stability, minimises gaps for improved moisture resistance, and simplifies the installation process. Crafted with precision, the tongue and groove flooring not only elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of your cabin but also contributes to its long-lasting durability.
    6. Lockable Door with Cute Hexagon Window: Our grill cabins greet you with a secure and stylish entry that takes your safety, and makes it a priority. The lockable door is a vital feature designed to prevent unauthorised access to the cabin when it's not in use. This grants peace of mind knowing that your grill cabin remains off-limits to children. Our doors also feature an adorable double glazing hexagon shaped window.
    7. Premium Double Glazing Windows: Customise the airflow within the cabin to your liking with our opening windows, which are all made from premium double glazing glass (not all of the windows are opening).
      1. Luxury "Viking" Wooden Dishes and Flatware Set: As you indulge in the feast with our "Viking" Wooden Dishes and Flatware Set, envision a dining experience fit for the halls of Valhalla. The clinking of wooden plates and the hearty laughter around the table echo the camaraderie of warriors celebrating their victories. With each bite, imagine the taste of victory and the honour of a true Viking feast. Warning: Users of this set may experience sudden urges to refer to themselves as "Ragnar Lodbrok". This set includes: six plates, six forks, six knives, six spoons, a coaster, a two-bowl plate, and a cutting board. 
      2. 4 High Corner Shelves: Four elevated corner shelves for additional storage or displaying decorative items (do NOT put candles on these shelves).
      3. Premium Grade Roof Shingles: Our roofing solution is as exceptional as the grill cabin itself. The roof is expertly crafted with a 6-layer bitumen tile system, starting with a durable fiberglass base coated with a polymer-reinforced bitumen mix. This high-quality bitumen and aggregate blend ensures the utmost in strength and resistance. To protect against UV exposure and various weather conditions, the top layer is surfaced with mineral granules. These granules are meticulously treated at high temperatures using a thermal method, guaranteeing long-lasting colour durability. To ensure ease of installation, the bottom of the tiles is coated with an adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer, safeguarded by a removable silicon membrane. Our roofing solution is not just about functionality; it's a testament to quality and longevity.
      4. High Quality Insulation for Year Round Usage: Each cabin comes standard with an insulated floor and roof, both featuring premium 50mm stonewool insulation. This high-quality insulation not only provides effective temperature regulation but also ensures a cosy and comfortable environment within the cabin. To further enhance heat retention and moisture protection, both the insulated floor and roof are equipped with a vapor-proof barrier foil. These features massively extend the life of your grill cabin and also allow the cabin to be used during winter and the colder months. Our grill cabins heat up exceptionally fast.


      Grill Cabin Accessories

      To learn more about the accessories included, as well as our optional extras, simply take a look at the document below. Ready to discuss your preferences or have questions? Get in touch with us, and let's turn your grill cabin into your own personalised haven.


      The Order Process

      Crafting the perfect configuration for your grill cabin involves a collaborative journey between us and our esteemed clients. Our proven approach is straightforward yet impactful: through continuous communication, we work closely with you until a comprehensive understanding of your project is achieved. Only when both parties are content that we can meet the unique requirements of your project do we formally initiate the order process. Your satisfaction is our priority from conception to completion.


      Here's how it typically unfolds:

      1. Needs Discussion: Together with you, the client, we thoroughly discuss your requirements and vision for the grill cabin.
      2. Size and Layout Selection: Once we have a clear understanding of the project scope, together we decide upon the best sized cabin and layout plan for your project. If we feel there is a cabin size/layout better suited for your project, we will communicate this clearly and constructively. With images kindly provided by yourself, we generate 3D renderings that precisely showcase how the finished cabin will look, already in its new home.
      3. Confirmation and Order Placement: Once you have confirmed everything to date, we can mark the order as confirmed and we can mark your cabins production into the calendar. For projects being completed immediately, we require at least a 50% upfront payment. For orders scheduled between 1-6 weeks, we accept deposits of 5%,.
      4. Cabin Production: Following on from everything to date, we proceed to manufacture the entire grill cabin. Production time usually take 3-4 weeks from order confirmation.
      5. Delivery: We deliver the cabin and all included accessories. We allow 3-5 days for delivery.
      6. Electrical and Plumbing: Should you opt for electrical and/or plumbing work, we ensure that the cabin is designed to make the connection and configuration process straightforward. Your electrician and plumber can easily handle any aspects required.


      This collaborative method streamlines the process, making it hassle-free and enjoyable. We take your ideas and transform them into reality.

      So, if you're ready to embark on an extraordinary project and bring your vision to life, just let us know what you want to achieve. We're here to work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that every detail is just as you envision.

      Together, we create the perfect space for your private or commercial cooking adventures.


      Extensions and Combined Cabins

      Discover the versatility of our Grill Cabins with a range of options to suit your specific needs:


      • Single Grill Cabin: The central cabin offers an inviting space for grilling and relaxation.
      • Grill Cabin with Extension: Expand your cabin with a single extension, available in sizes 1800 x 1700, 1800 x 2500, or 1800 x 3000. These extensions are versatile and commonly used as pantries, game rooms, or delightful kiddie dens.
      • Grill Cabin with Two Extensions: Double the extension for increased possibilities in cabin layout. Typically chosen for glamping configurations, these cabins can serve both commercial and domestic purposes.
      • Grill Cabin with Three Extensions: Opt for the ultimate expansion by choosing three extensions, creating a spacious and multifunctional cabin. While less frequently chosen, these cabins offer extensive possibilities.
      • Dual Grill Cabin with Connecting Corridor: Connect two cabins seamlessly, providing a transition between spaces. This popular option allows one cabin to function as a grill space while the other remains versatile for various purposes.
      • Triple Grill Cabins with Connecting Corridors: Link three cabins for an extended and interconnected cabin complex. These structures are well-suited for large catering events or venues like spas and wellness centres.
      • Triple Grill Cabins with Connecting Corridors and Extensions: Combine interconnected cabins with additional extensions for the best of both worlds. These configurations can accommodate up to three hundred people and have the potential to function as any possible venue or hosting space.

      Our cabins are highly flexible, and we can tailor them to your specific requirements. Whether you envision a cosy grill cabin or a complex of interconnected spaces, get in touch with us to discuss your project, and we'll configure the cabin that perfectly suits your functionality and style.


      How We Make Our Grill Cabins

      Our manufacturing facility operates in strict compliance with established factory laws and regulations. These laws govern various aspects of production, such as quality standards, safety protocols, and environmental considerations. Adhering to these regulations is not only a legal requirement but a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of product quality and safety.

      What sets our factory apart is its rigorous adherence to these regulations, which ensures that our luxury grill cabins and glamping pods are crafted with the utmost precision and care. Our in-house team of experts, who are well-versed in the intricacies of manufacturing, are responsible for the fabrication of each cabin/pod from scratch.

      This team's daily involvement in the manufacturing process allows for consistent quality and attention to detail. Every dimension and requirement, right down to the smallest millimetre, is meticulously addressed to create cabins and pods that meet and often exceed the rigorous manufacturing standards. It's this unwavering dedication to quality that makes our factory an exceptional hub for crafting the finest private and commercial cabins and pods.   

      For more information, view our "How We Make Our Cabins" tab.



      Below, you'll find our detailed in-house painting documentation. In this dossier, we present an extensive range of colour options to choose from, along with insights into our meticulous painting process and the high-quality paint materials we use ensuring your cabin stays in tip top quality for years to come.


      Grill Cabin Brochure

      Welcome to our comprehensive grill cabin brochure, where you will discover an array of options to suit your unique preferences. Our grill cabins are not just places to relax and rejuvenate; they are a blank canvas for your imagination.

      With high levels of customisability, you can configure your grill cabin to include additional features such as additional entrances, additional extensions, extra seating, or any other personal touch you desire. We're here to turn your grill cabin vision into a reality.



      If you see your dream grill cabin in this catalogue and we do not have it displayed on the website, reach out to us and we will be able to work a miracle!.. 


      Fabrication & Delivery Timeline


      Our Grill Cabins are delivered to you in convenient modular components, making the assembly process a breeze. Detailed and comprehensive assembly instructions are provided, making it easy for a team of jointers to put everything together seamlessly. Your magical retreat is just a few steps away from becoming a reality.

      You will be provided with all relevant manuals for your joiners to follow. These manuals are extremely comprehensive and go down to the granular detail of every single screw and fitting.

      The assembly of the cabin's structure can be completed in one full day, making the process quick and efficient. The internal configurations, however, may vary depending on the features and amenities you choose. This can be done at a later date. This flexibility allows you to tailor your cabin to your specific preferences and needs, ensuring that your grill cabin turns out exactly as you envision it.


      For more information regarding installation, view our "Specifications | Foundations | Installation | Electrical" tab.



      Order Timeline

      Following your order confirmation, our production team initiates the crafting process for your cabin. This stage typically requires 15-20 business days as our craftsmen construct your grill cabin to the highest standards.


      Delivery Estimate

      After the fabrication is complete, we allocate an additional 5 days for the secure delivery of your grill cabin. Our primary objective is to ensure that your cabin reaches you within the timeframe of 20-25 days from the date of order confirmation.



      While we consistently aim to meet this timeline, it is important to acknowledge that certain circumstances may occasionally necessitate a delivery window of up to 30 days. These circumstances may include customised features, adverse weather conditions, or other factors beyond our control.


      Scheduling & Pre-orders

      We understand that timing is essential for our clients. That's why we offer the flexibility to schedule your order according to your convenience. Whether you have a specific date in mind or need to plan your delivery for a future occasion, we can accommodate your schedule. With pre-orders, you can secure your cabin with just a 5% deposit, and you have the freedom to choose a delivery date that aligns with your timeline, even up to 6 months in advance.


      For more information regarding installation, view our "Specifications | Foundations | Installation | Electrical" tab.


      Specifications | Foundations | Installation | Electrical


      People 12
      External Dimensions 3760 x 3260 x 3060mm
      Inside Area 9.2m2
      Shape Hexagon
      Rooms One central cabin
      Timber Norwegian Spruce
      Floor Thickness
      Roof Thickness 18mm
      Wall Thickness
      Insulation Thickness 50mm
      Warranty 2 years 



      A crucial part of achieving longevity and getting the most out of your grill cabin is establishing a solid foundation. An inadequate foundation can lead to structural issues, potentially causing cracks in the grill cabin. Uneven placement of the grill cabin may alter its geometric shape, resulting in twisting of doors and windows, as well as the formation of gaps. In this section, we'll delve into the essential considerations for the base and access to the sides of your cabin, guiding you through the process of creating the perfect foundation for your outdoor space.



      Access for Installation & Maintenance

      For seamless installation and maintenance of our grill cabins, access to all sides is essential. We recommend allowing approximately 300mm (about 12 inches) of clearance around each side of the cabin. However, allowing more space should never be overlooked.

      In instances where the cabin is positioned in a tight corner or a confined space, it's important to consider the potential challenges this may pose for future maintenance. Restricted access can hinder routine visual inspections, which are typically recommended every six months. This regular check-up is crucial to identify and address any issues promptly, preventing them from escalating into more significant problems. Therefore, when placing the cabin in a snug location, please be mindful of the potential maintenance difficulties it may entail.



      The cabin's foundation is the bedrock upon which your outdoor relaxation retreat will stand. To maintain the cabin's structural integrity and prevent warping over time, it's imperative that all of our cabins are fitted on a level and sturdy surface. We do not recommend installing any of our cabins on uneven ground, grass, or generally unsuitable surfaces. Instead, we advocate for the ideal base, which includes options such as concrete, tarmac, patio stones, or even a structurally sound patio decking.

      To ensure proper weight distribution and stability, it is crucial that the full, complete base is in contact with the ground. 

      It's crucial to avoid any substantial depressions or gullies on the base surface. A depression of more than 3/4 of an inch (20mm) at any point across the base can lead to undesirable consequences, such as the cabin's floor being pushed down or bowed up in the middle. This not only poses structural issues but may also hinder you or your clients enjoyment of the grill cabin.


      An inadequate base for any grill cabin can result in gaps forming. Gaps may develop in the cabin's doors or walls. These gaps can have several consequences, including: