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FrescoPro Fremantle Outdoor Kitchen + BeefEater 5 Burner 7000S Premium + Double Fridge + Single Door + Double Door Sink + Tap Pack



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FrescoPro Fremantle Outdoor Kitchen + BeefEater 5 Burner 7000S Premium + Double Fridge + Single Door + Double Door Sink + Tap Pack

Introducing FrescoPro: Synonymous With Luxury 

FrescoPro is not just a brand; it's a team of passionate designers and craftsmen with over 25 years of experience in outdoor living, design, and sourcing. Their dedication to creating exceptional outdoor entertaining spaces is evident in every aspect of their work.

With a uniquely fresh and professional approach to outdoor kitchens, FrescoPro, operating through Home Living Luxury, collaborates seamlessly with homeowners, architects, and developers to transform outdoor spaces into luxurious havens. As distributors of some of the world's most innovative barbecue brands, they are well-versed in providing top-tier outdoor kitchen systems that are not only functional but also stunning in design.


Boasting Free Installation Across All FrescoPro Kitchen Ranges

Experience the added value of complimentary installation, available for all our FrescoPro kitchen ranges. Get your dream kitchen professionally installed at no extra cost. Read on for more information. This is explained in greater detail on down this page. Your free installation is already built into the price. We will contact with within 24 hours of order date, to arrange an installation date.


Introducing the Fremantle Outdoor Kitchen: Crafting the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Experience

For an unparalleled outdoor kitchen experience, look no further than the Fremantle configuration. Featuring a double fridge, triple cabinet, your preferred barbecue, and, of course, a fully-equipped kitchen sink, this setup spans up to 3.8 meters, making it a timeless and stunning centrepiece.



Modular Components



1 Door Module - 550mm

The 1 Door Module - 550mm is a versatile storage solution for your outdoor kitchen. Behind its single door, you'll discover ample space to keep your outdoor cooking essentials well-organized. This module seamlessly integrates into your outdoor kitchen setup with its durable aluminum framing.

Beyond storage, this module doubles as a practical work surface. It's perfect for various outdoor culinary tasks, whether you need extra prep space, a spot to plate your dishes, or a convenient serving area. The 1 Door Module - 550mm combines functionality and style, enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.

190L Bar Fridge - 915mm

Keep your beverages perfectly chilled with the 180-litre BeefEater bar fridge.

Designed for outdoor use, it features a triple-glazed glass door, an adjustable digital thermostat, and a self-closing door with low-E film to reduce condensation.

This fridge is powered by an LG Compressor and includes adjustable shelves and internal LED lighting.

Signature 5 Burner Module - 1015mm

Beneath the sizzling barbecue, you'll discover an array of intelligently designed cabinets.

These 870mm cabinets provide generous storage space for your outdoor cooking essentials, ensuring everything you need is right at your fingertips.

From grilling utensils to marinades and condiments, you'll have room for it all.

Split Module with 2 Doors Module - 1150mm

The 2 Door Module offers a smart storage solution for your outdoor essentials.

Its intelligently designed interior provides ample space to keep your grilling utensils, condiments, and cooking supplies organised and within reach.

Optional Mixer Tap + Sink

This versatile addition complements our 2 Door Module perfectly, offering convenience and utility in your outdoor kitchen setup.

With the Optional Mixer Tap + Sink, you can easily transform your outdoor cooking area into a complete workstation. It provides a convenient space for washing hands, rinsing vegetables, or cleaning utensils, all while enjoying the fresh air and open space of your outdoor oasis.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with our outdoor modules, this optional accessory ensures that everything you need is right at your fingertips. 


Engineered for Endurance

At the core of every FrescoPro kitchen lies a set of ingenious aluminium framing modules. Our extrusion's grooved design forms the foundation for our innovative 'clip and fix' system, which simplifies the application of top-notch finishes and world-class appliances.

The exceptional properties of aluminium, such as its lightweight nature, remarkable strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, make it the perfect material for what follows in our kitchens.


The Power of Choice

Once our sturdy framing system is in place, it's time to customise your outdoor kitchen to your preferences. We begin with the doors, using our preferred aluminium frame and specially selected Hettich hinges for easy fitting and levelling. Tailoring the look to match your style, we add 'skins' to the doors.

Our standard skin option is the sleek and durable aluminium composite, available in black, anthracite, silver, or white. For those seeking the pinnacle of design and style, we offer Dekton skins in four exquisite 4mm finishes: Laos, Trillium, Sirius, and Sirocco.

With the structure firmly established and your chosen finish enhancing the front of your kitchen, it's time to focus on the worktops and waterfalls (end panels). Just like indoor kitchens, these surfaces will see constant use during your outdoor cooking adventures. Therefore, they must combine durability with aesthetics.

Our worktops, like the rest of our materials, are of the highest quality. Many customers opt for the timeless allure of granite, known for its unique grains and excellent outdoor stability. Nero Absoluto is a favourite, but for those who prefer lighter tones, Steel Grey is a fantastic choice. For the ultimate finish, we offer Dekton worktops. Dekton boasts exceptional heat resistance, UV stability, and ease of maintenance, available in the darker finish of Sirius or the lighter Sirocco.

At Home Living Luxury, we believe in the power of choice, allowing you to create an outdoor kitchen that not only functions flawlessly but also reflects your personal style and taste.


Kitchen Unit Warranty:

we back our quality with a 5 year full warranty on the kitchen unit, and a 25 year anti-corrosion warranty on our aluminium frame. 


Free FrescoPro Installation

Expert Setup for Your Peace of Mind

At Home Living Luxury, we take the stress out of setting up your dream outdoor kitchen. We offer free installation for our FrescoPro outdoor kitchen units, providing you with convenience and peace of mind. Our installation service covers the entire UK Mainland, ensuring our customers on the mainland can enjoy a seamless setup process. For those in Northern Ireland or Ireland, please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation and to check availability in your area. Your free installation is already built into the price. We will contact with within 24 hours of order date, to arrange an installation date.


Timeline and Requirements

When it comes to the timeline, our installation team works efficiently to have your outdoor kitchen ready. While most countertops are readily available and can be installed within 2 weeks, others, such as Granite or Dekton, may take 3-4 weeks, depending on your choice. Our goal is to provide a tailored experience, allowing you to personalize your outdoor kitchen according to your preferences. We aim to provide you with a hassle-free experience, but there are a few requirements to keep in mind.


Full Kitchen Assembly

Our full installation service includes the free delivery and installation of the entire kitchen unit. This encompasses countertops, cabinets, BBQ, tap, and sink (if applicable). We take care of the assembly and installation of the complete kitchen, leaving you with a fully functional outdoor culinary space. We also ensure that any packaging and waste materials are removed, leaving your space clean and ready to enjoy.


Electrical and Plumbing Considerations

During installation, it's essential to have an electrical connection available. Although it can be arranged for a later date, it's more convenient to have everything in place during the initial installation. Gas and electric supplies should be ready for our team to work their magic. We only ask for a level and prepared foundation to ensure a smooth installation process.

As for connecting electric, water, or natural gas supply, we don't get directly involved in these aspects. Our FrescoPro kitchens are designed with this in mind and can be easily handled by qualified tradesmen. We're here to make your outdoor kitchen installation as smooth as possible, allowing you to enjoy your culinary haven with ease. If you have any questions or specific requirements, our team is always available to assist you in achieving your outdoor kitchen aspirations.



Before our installation team arrives, it's important to have the installation area flat and ready. A level surface is essential to ensure the kitchen units fit perfectly and securely. The ground should be free from any obstructions, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

In addition to a flat and prepared installation area, it's crucial to provide clear access on the day of installation. This means removing any obstacles or items that could hinder our team's ability to carry out the installation efficiently. Clear access allows us to work seamlessly and complete the setup with ease. This small but important step contributes to a hassle-free installation experience.


BeefEater Signiture 7000 Series Premium - 5 Burner   

Durable Cast Stainless Burners

The 7000 Series Premium BBQ is equipped with robust 4.2kW cast stainless burners and stainless-steel vaporisers, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


Versatile Cooking Surface

Enjoy the flexibility of a cast iron hotplate and split grills, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes with ease.


Powerful Rear Burner

The built-in 3.1kW rear burner expands your cooking options, making it perfect for rotisserie-style cooking and more


Illuminated Control

Integrated control dial lighting and hood lights not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide visibility for nighttime grilling sessions.


Safety Assurance

The flame failure feature ensures safety by shutting off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished.


Efficient Grease Management

An oil and fat catchment tin on a full-width drawer with telescopic runners simplifies cleanup.


Double-Layered Hood

The double-layered hood, complete with a glass viewing window and integrated temperature gauge, lets you monitor your cooking without lifting the lid.


Quick Ignition

The Quartz Start Ignition System ensures quick and hassle-free lighting, so you can start cooking without delay.


17MJ Cast Stainless Burners with Stainless Steel Vaporisers

These powerful burners ensure precise heat control and even distribution across the cooking surface. Whether you're searing, grilling, or slow-cooking, you'll achieve perfect results every time. The stainless steel vaporisers enhance flavour by vaporising drippings and infusing them back into your food.


11MJ Ceramic Rear Burner

With the addition of the ceramic rear burner, your cooking options expand significantly. This high-output burner is ideal for rotisserie-style cooking, allowing you to roast whole chickens, skewers, and other delicious creations with ease.


Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron Hotplates & Split 

The combination of porcelain enamel and cast iron guarantees both durability and superior heat retention. You'll experience even cooking and beautiful sear marks, whether you're using the hotplates or grills.


Halogen Lights on Splash Back

Cooking doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. The halogen lights on the splash back provide ample illumination, allowing you to cook with precision even in low-light conditions. Say goodbye to guesswork when grilling in the evening.


LED Lights on Control Panel Dials

Easily adjust your grill's settings with the convenience of illuminated control panel dials. This feature adds a touch of sophistication to your BBQ experience and ensures you can make precise adjustments without fumbling in the dark.


Stainless Steel Elevated Cooking Rack

Create additional cooking space with the elevated cooking rack. It's perfect for keeping food warm or for indirect cooking, giving you more flexibility when preparing a variety of dishes.


Full-Width Oil and Fat Catchment Tray on Telescopic Rails

Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the efficient grease management system. The full-width oil and fat catchment tray, equipped with telescopic rails, collects drippings, making disposal quick and simple.


Double-Layered 304 Grade Stainless Steel Roasting Hood

The double-layered roasting hood is not only built for durability but also designed to enhance your cooking capabilities. With a glass viewing window and an integrated temperature gauge, you can easily monitor and control your cooking without lifting the hood.


Fully Welded 304 Grade Stainless Steel Firebox

Built to last, the fully welded firebox is constructed from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel. It can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor cooking, ensuring longevity and performance.


Quartz One Start Ignition System

Enjoy the convenience of quick and reliable ignition with the Quartz One Start Ignition System. It eliminates the frustration of struggling to light your burners, allowing you to start cooking without delay.

The 7000 Series Premium 5 Burner BBQ combines these innovative and durable features to provide you with the ultimate grilling experience. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a novice chef, this BBQ is designed to enhance your outdoor cooking adventures, ensuring exceptional results every time you fire it up.


3D Model

Explore our immersive 3D Model, providing a comprehensive view of the entire BeefEater Signature 7000 Series, capturing every dimension and angle in stunning detail.



Fact Sheets

We have outlined a selection of relevant manuals and documents which will help shed some light onto the uniqueness and quality craftsmanship of this FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchen.


FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchens

In this extensive manual, we will take you on a detailed journey through the technical intricacies of our various FrescoPro outdoor kitchens. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting on your outdoor kitchen project, this comprehensive resource is designed to provide you with all the essential information you need to plan, assemble, and maintain your FrescoPro outdoor kitchen to perfection.


BeefEater Signature 7000 Series Premium - 5 Burner 

In this manual, we'll unravel the technical aspects of the burner system that powers your FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchen, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of its performance, maintenance, and the exceptional cooking experiences it can offer.   



Specifications & Operation


FrescoPro Kitchen Specifications 
 Key Info Specs

Total Measurements for this Kitchen (without BBQ)

3670mm x 935mm x 670mm (W x H x D)


BeefEater Signature 7000 Series Premium - 5 Burner Specifications
    Key Info Specs
    Type of BBQ Built In
    Design Family Signature
    Stainless Steel Grade 304 grade
    Barbecue Frame Stainless steel
    Roasting Hood Double layered 304 grade stainless steel roasting hood with glass viewing window and integrated temperature gauge
    Type of Fuel Gas
    Gas Connection Set Up LPG Standard (Additional CE Approval for NG Conversion)
    Dimensions Size
    Total Height (with lid closed)  555 mm
    Total Height (with lid open)  923 mm
    Cook Area 4480 cm2
    Grill 270 mm
    Plate 380 mm
    Total Width 973 mm
    Total Depth 628 mm
    Weight 68 kg
    Features Specs
    Controls of BBQ llluminated Knob
    Hotplates 1
    Hotplate Finish rust resistent enamelled cast iron
    Grills 2
    Roasting Hood Yes
    Roasting hood construction
    Stainless Steel
    Features of hood
    Window, Integrated temperature gauge
    Roasting hood layers
    Position of Controls Front Mounted
    Laser Etched Graphics Yes
    Slimline Lid
    front mounted
    Laser Etched Graphics
    Control panel material
    stainless steel
    Hotplate size
    Hotplate oil and fat management
    raised sides, hotplate gap
    Grill plate size
    13.1cm² x2
    Elevated Cooking Rack
    Elevated cooking rack number
    Elevated cooking rack material
    stainless steel
    Elevated cooking rack dimensions
    5.8cm² x 2
    Elevated cooking rack movement
    lift up & remove, split
    Roasting hood material
    stainless steel (304 grade)
    Roasting hood lights
    Features of Hood
    1. Removable
    2. Window
    3. Integrated Temperature Gauge
    Burners Specs
    Number of Burners 5
    Burner Material  Cast Stainless Steel
    Ignition Type Quartz Start
    Individual Burner Power 17 (MJ/hr)
    Total Burner Power  85 (MJ/hr)
    Flame Failure  Yes
    Side Burner No
    Vaporiser Material  stainless steel
    Number of vaporisers
    Rear burner material
    ceramic tile
    Rear burner power
    Rear burner location
    Grease & Oil Management Specs
    Catchment tray material
    stainless steel
    Catchment tray size
    full width
    Catchment tray position
    Telescopic rails


      BeefEater Single Fridge 

      Discover the detailed specifications of your refrigeration system, including its capacity, cooling capabilities, and energy efficiency. We'll provide you with comprehensive data to help you gauge its performance and suitability for your outdoor needs.



      BeefEater Brochures

      BeefEater Brochures

      Welcome to our BeefEater brochures tab. Here you can find all of our brochures, showcasing all of the offerings available.


      1. BeefEater
      2. BeefEater + Cabinex
      3. BeefEater +FrescoPro



      Home Living Luxury proudly partners with BeefEater, presenting an exceptional collaboration. With a legacy of over 30 years, BeefEater creates remarkable barbecues and outdoor kitchens known for exceptional design and quality. Their array of versatile freestanding and built-in barbecues, modules, and accessories redefines outdoor cooking.

      As exclusive distributors of this iconic Australian brand, BeefEater Europe guarantees enduring performance with weather-resistant materials, elevating your outdoor culinary experience.



      BeefEater + Cabinex

      Home Living Luxury proudly joins forces with esteemed brands BeefEater and Cabinex, presenting an exceptional partnership. Offering a range of options tailored to your space and preferences, our brochure showcases three distinct models.

      Whether you prioritise elegance, functionality, or both, our collection provides choices that harmonise seamlessly with your surroundings.

      Delight in the versatility of these models, all available for connection to either LPG or natural gas, ensuring your outdoor experience is nothing short of remarkable.



      BeefEater + FrescoPro

      Prepare to elevate your outdoor cooking experience as Home Living Luxury collaborates with renowned brands BeefEater and FrescoPro. Our dynamic partnership introduces a range of extraordinary possibilities for your outdoor kitchen, where functionality seamlessly blends with style.

      Choose from a curated selection of top-tier barbecue models, including BeefEater's iconic offerings, celebrated for their robust performance and versatility with both LPG and NG options. To complement your culinary haven, explore our collection of refrigerators, expertly designed to enhance your outdoor space.

      The designs are not limited to packages; instead, it empowers you to create your own customised configuration using a variety of modules, barbecues, fridges, worktops, door skins, and accessories.

      This partnership encapsulates our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled outdoor cooking solutions that resonate with your personal taste and lifestyle.



      Care & Maintenance 

      Care & Maintenance

      In this "Care and Maintenance" section, we provide essential guidelines to ensure the longevity and peak performance of your barbecue. Proper care not only safeguards your investment but also enhances your grilling experience. Whether it's cleaning your grills, preventing rust, or maintaining stainless steel and enamel finishes, these instructions will help you keep your barbecue in excellent condition for years to come.


      RF Technology - Porcelain Enamel Coated Grills

      Many food acids, marinades, juices, and sauces contain highly acidic elements that will slowly attack the surface of the cast iron if not removed immediately after cooking.

      1. After use, remove all solid material from the cooking surfaces using a brass bristle brush or plastic scourer. Brushes specifically designed for this purpose can be purchased from your BeefEater retailer. Wipe off remaining residue with a paper towel.
      2. Gently wash the surface of the grills with a soft sponge and a solution of hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid.
      3. Dry the grills immediately using a paper towel.
      4. Coat the grills with a layer of cooking oil. This will protect the grills between barbecuing sessions.
      5. Do not clean the cooking grills in a dishwasher.
      6. Do not use highly caustic, harsh, or abrasive chemical cleaners to clean the cooking grills. (Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations prior to use).
      7. Before each subsequent use, preheat your BeefEater for 10 minutes before cooking. Allow the unit to cool off and then remove any remains from previous cooking. Wipe off with a paper towel and then lightly coat with a layer of cooking oil. The cooking surfaces are now ready for barbecuing.


      Stainless Steel Grills

      Many food acids, marinades, juices, and sauces contain highly acidic elements that will slowly attack the surface of the stainless steel if not removed immediately after cooking.

      1. After use, remove all solid material from the cooking surfaces using a brass bristle brush or plastic scourer. Brushes specifically designed for this purpose can be purchased from your BeefEater retailer. Wipe off remaining residue with a paper towel.
      2. Gently wash the surface of the grills with a soft sponge and a solution of hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid.
      3. Dry the grills immediately using a paper towel.
      4. Coat the grills with a layer of cooking oil. This will protect the grills between barbecuing sessions. Do not clean the cooking grills in a dishwasher.
      5. Do not use highly caustic, harsh, or abrasive chemical cleaners to clean the cooking grills. (Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations prior to use).
      6. Before each subsequent use, preheat your BeefEater for 10 minutes before cooking. Allow the unit to cool off and then remove any remains from previous cooking. Wipe off with a paper towel and then lightly coat with a layer of cooking oil. The cooking surfaces are now ready for barbecuing.


      General Care and Maintenance Instructions

      Maintaining your barbecue in top condition is essential for its longevity and optimal performance. We have provided some general tips which we recommend are followed:

      1. Replace aluminium foil or absorbent material in drip tray at regular intervals to prevent grease build-up, which could result in a grease fire and void the barbecue warranty.
      2. Use hot soapy water on the barbecue fascia and avoid abrasive cleaners or brushes as these could damage the surface and graphics on the fascia. Clean the entire barbecue thoroughly at least twice annually to keep it in good operating condition.
      3. Keep cooking surfaces clean by removing all solid matter after use. A light coating of vegetable oil or vegetable cooking spray after each use will help to reduce surface rust and prolong plate and grill life. The surface coating will wear off in time and cast iron will rust (this is not covered by warranty).
      4. Burners: Check main opening, throat, and venturi to each burner and pilot flame tube regularly for insect nests (e.g., wasp, ants, or spiders). Nests are dangerous and must be cleaned out thoroughly.
      5. Remove burners periodically and scrub clean with soapy water and a wire brush making sure that the ports are free of obstructions. Replace burners in the correct position and dry by lighting each one to avoid subsequent corrosion. Rust is not covered by warranty.
      6. For barbecues used near a marine environment, more frequent cleaning and servicing should be conducted. (More rapid deterioration can be expected, which is not covered by warranty).
      7. Check and tighten all bolts and nuts on the barbecue and trolley frequently.
      8. When storing barbecue for extended periods keep covered, and be certain all controls and cylinder valves are turned off. If storing the barbecue indoors remove the gas cylinder and store the cylinder in a ventilated area outdoors. Note: Allowing a barbecue to run for 10 minutes after cooking will help reduce cleaning by burning off excess grease and juices.


      Protecting Your Barbecue

      The barbecue should be covered when not in use. e.g., a polyester or vinyl barbecue cover. Near the ocean or saltwater environment, wash regularly, rinse, and dry before covering. Covering a salt-sprayed Stainless Steel product while still wet will allow salt deposits to form, causing rust to form even on very high-grade Stainless.


      Enamel and Stainless Steel Cleaning

      Although Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel (Porcelain) will keep their lustrous finish even under adverse conditions, they still need regular cleaning. Dishwashing detergent and water are usually all you need. The frequency of cleaning will vary according to the required appearance and environment.


      Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance

      Clean the appliance as required or at least twice annually with hot soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleaners or brushes as these will mark the porcelain enamel or stainless steel surfaces of the appliance. If you cook food directly over the burner flame, causing more vapour or smoke, the viewing glass (where fitted) will need more frequent cleaning.


      Stainless Steel Care and Cleaning

      After the appliance has been used, wash down the surfaces with hot soapy water. The surface of the stainless steel has a grain. Always clean along the grain of the steel. This will avoid unwanted marks. Near the ocean or salt-water environment, wash regularly, rinse, and then dry before covering. Covering a salt-sprayed stainless steel product while still wet will allow salt deposits to form, causing rust to form even on very high-grade stainless.


      Discoloration of Stainless Steel

      The discoloration of stainless steel, caused by high heat, is caused by Chromium Oxide and sometimes appears as a light brown colouring over the surface of the steel. In most cases, this discoloration can be removed with a suitable stainless steel polish.

      NOTE: Discoloration of the stainless steel is not covered under warranty.


      Porcelain Enamel Cleaning and Maintenance

      After the appliance has been used, wash down the surfaces with hot soapy water. Near the ocean or salt-water environment, wash regularly, rinse, and then dry before covering. Highly caustic cleaners should be avoided. 



      Cast iron and steel are metals and will rust if you do not provide sufficient maintenance and care. Rust occurs when the surface of the metal starts to oxidize. Generally, rust will occur on any exposed metal surface if it is not protected from the elements. Even stainless steel can be affected by long-term exposure to the elements. To prevent exposure to the elements, store your barbecue, hood, and trolley under the protection of a purpose-made cover.


      • Do:
        • Wash regularly with warm soapy water or detergent using a clean cloth and, if necessary, a soft bristle brush.
        • Remove non-washable deposits using an approved cleaner.
        • In the case of stainless steel, clean in one direction only, along the original polish lines.
        • Rinse well with clean water and wipe dry.
        • Keep barbecue covered when not in use, e.g., a polyester barbecue cover.


      • Don't:
        • Use steel wool or metallic scrapers to remove non-washable deposits.
        • Allow grease or dirt to accumulate or to dry out and harden.
        • Use cleaners containing harsh abrasives or high bleach content.


      BeefEater Care & Maintenance Cleaning Guide
       Condition What to Use How to Solve
      1. Readily removed stains
      2. Light grease
      3. Routine cleaning
      4. Salt spray

      Soap, liquid detergents, or powder detergents with warm water.

      Methylated spirits may be used before final wash with detergent.

      Avoid scratching. Do not use cleaners containing
      bleaching agents.

      Rinse with clean water to remove residual cleaning compounds and dry before covering.

      Only use mild detergents on barbecue fascia.

      1. Heavy grease
      2. Non-washable deposits

      Concentrated detergent.

      Domestic cleaning

      Recommended stainless steel

      Do not use steel wool.

      Rub in straight lines along the polish pattern. Avoid scratching.

      Rinse with clean water and dry.



      Care should be taken with all cleaning agents to avoid damage to any associated non-stainless steel components.

      Fire, safety, and protective clothing regulations should be closely adhered to.


      Warranty | Shipping | Returns


      Warranty Registration

      To ensure your complete satisfaction and to make the most of your purchase, we encourage you to register your product for warranty coverage. By registering, you'll gain access to our dedicated support and assistance. It's a simple step that helps us provide you with the best possible service throughout the lifespan of your product. Click the link below to proceed with your warranty registration. Thank you for choosing Home Living Luxury.


      Click here to register your new BeefEater goods for warranty.


      FrescoPro Warranty Period

      Our 25-year limited warranty is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your outdoor alfresco kitchen unit. We want you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen to the fullest, and our warranty reflects that commitment.

      Included Components:

      1. Doors and Drawer Frames: Covered under 5-year warranty.
      2. Aluminium Frames: Covered under 25-year warranty.


      BeefEater BBQ Burner Warranty Period

        Subject to these terms and conditions, this warranty is valid in the UK & Europe for 24 months from the date of the original purchase of the Appliance

        Specific components have extended warranty periods as listed below (total warranty period):

        • Stainless Steel Burner Box: 5 years



        This warranty applies only to new Appliances purchased and used in UK & Europe. It is in addition to, and does not exclude, restrict, or modify other rights and remedies under applicable laws, including any non-excludable statutory guarantees in UK & Europe.


        Proof of Purchase

          You must provide proof of purchase to make a claim under this warranty.


          Making a Claim

            During the Warranty Period, BeefEater or any appointed local distributor will, at no extra charge, repair or replace any parts they consider defective if your Appliance is readily accessible for service, without special equipment, and subject to these terms and conditions. Repair or replacement will be chosen at their discretion, and refurbished parts may be used. Replaced Appliances or parts become the property of BeefEater or any appointed local distributor.

            Travel and Transportation Costs

              BeefEater or any appointed local distributor will cover the reasonable cost of transportation, travel, and delivery of the Appliance to and from their location. Travel and transportation arrangements will be made as part of any valid warranty claim.



                This warranty does not cover:

                1. Light globes, batteries, filters, or similar perishable parts.
                2. Parts and Appliances not supplied by BeefEater or any appointed local distributor.
                3. Cosmetic damage that does not affect the operation of the Appliance.
                4. Damage to the Appliance caused by:
                  • Negligence or accident.
                  • Misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service.
                  • Improper, negligent, or faulty servicing or repair by anyone other than an authorized repairer of BeefEater or any appointed local distributor.
                  • Normal wear and tear.
                  • Power surges, electrical storm damage, or incorrect power supply.
                  • Incomplete or improper installation.
                  • Incorrect, improper, or inappropriate operation.
                  • Insect or vermin infestation.
                  • Failure to comply with any additional instructions supplied with the Appliance.


                In addition, BeefEater or any appointed local distributor is not liable under this warranty if:

                1. The Appliance has been, or is reasonably believed to have been, used for purposes other than domestic use.
                2. The Appliance is modified without written authorisation from BeefEater or any appointed local distributor.
                3. The Appliance's serial number or warranty seal has been removed or defaced.


                How to Claim

                  To inquire about a claim under this warranty, please follow these steps:

                  1. Carefully review the operating instructions, user manual, and the terms of this warranty.
                  2. Have the model and serial number of the Appliance available.
                  3. Have proof of purchase (e.g., an invoice) available.
                  4. Contact Home Living Luxury via one of the contact methods listed at the bottom of this tab.



                  You will be provided with a copy of this warranty policy upon purchase.

                  Please keep this document with your proof of purchase in a safe place for future reference in case of a manufacturing defect in your Appliance. This warranty is in addition to other rights you may have under UK & European Consumer Law.



                  At Home Living Luxury, in partnership with BeefEater, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional delivery experience. Please review our shipping policy to familiarise yourself with the hassle-free delivery process for your selected products.

                  Please note that this shipping policy applies to our BeefEater ranges only. For specific shipping details pertaining to individual products, we recommend referring to the respective product pages.


                  Delivery Times

                  Our commitment is to deliver your complete kitchen within 20-30 working days. In the rare event of any dispatch delay, rest assured that we will promptly communicate a revised delivery date.


                  Free Shipping

                  At Home Living Luxury, we are delighted to provide you with a seamless and cost-effective shopping experience, which is why we offer free shipping across the UK mainland and Ireland. Here's what you need to know:

                  No matter the size of your order, whether it's a small item or a larger one, you won't incur any shipping charges. Our commitment is to ensure that you receive exceptional value along with the convenience of free delivery. Simply place your order, and we'll take care of the rest.

                  We extend our delivery services to encompass Europe. Please note that for orders to the Channel Islands and international destinations, we do charge a shipping and handling fee. Shipping charges will be personalised based on your location and order specifics. We strive to find the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solution for you. To receive a personalised shipping quotation, please reach out to our customer service team.


                  Delivery Partners and Services

                  We offer a variety of delivery services tailored to your order's specifications. While we may occasionally explore alternative options, our primary delivery partners are:


                  • Royal Mail: Parcels will be dispatched without the need for a signature or pre-booking.
                  • DPD / UK Mail: You can track your delivery, and a signature will be required unless alternative safe delivery instructions are provided in the notes.
                  • Palletline: Booked deliveries that require a signature.


                  Important Delivery Notes

                  During the ordering process, please use the delivery notes section to notify us of any restricted access for larger vehicles. If required, we can furnish you with additional details regarding our delivery vehicle dimensions.


                  Please note the following delivery limitations:
                  • The delivery team is unable to navigate barbecues up/down stairs, through buildings, or across challenging driveways.
                  • Unfortunately, they cannot unpack items from pallets or take the pallets with them.
                  • The delivery personnel will do their utmost to position the pallet as close as possible, often at curbside.


                  Receiving Your Delivery

                  To ensure the safe arrival of your items, we take great care in their packaging. Upon delivery, please inspect the package for any signs of damage. Should you detect any damage, kindly make a note of it while signing for the delivery. In the unfortunate event that items appear damaged during transit, we recommend refusing the delivery and promptly contacting us at either via email at:, or via telephone on:  +442034359402.

                  If you are unavailable during delivery attempts, the courier will leave a card with instructions. You can then directly liaise with the courier to arrange a convenient time for re-delivery. In case delivery attempts are unsuccessful after three tries, you may be asked to collect the order from the depot or organise a return, potentially incurring supplementary delivery charges. 



                  At Home Living Luxury, we have the utmost confidence in our products. We believe that once you receive your selected product(s), you will be captivated by their beauty and craftsmanship.

                  However, we understand that circumstances may arise where you may not be entirely satisfied with your purchase. In such cases, we have developed a comprehensive returns policy specifically for our BeefEater ranges:


                  30-Day Return Window

                  Your satisfaction matters. You have a 30-day window from the date of purchase to initiate a return. Unfortunately, refunds or exchanges cannot be processed beyond this period.

                  Eligibility Criteria

                  To qualify for a return, your item must remain unused and in the same condition as received. It should also be accompanied by its original packaging.

                  Required Documentation

                  Ensure you provide a receipt or proof of purchase alongside your return. Avoid sending your purchase directly to the manufacturer.

                  Partial Refunds

                  In specific situations, partial refunds may be considered for:

                  • Items showing signs of use
                  • Items not in their original condition, damaged, or missing parts unrelated to our error
                  • Items returned more than 30 days post-delivery


                  Refund Process

                  Upon receiving and inspecting your return, we will send an email to confirm receipt and communicate the approval status of your refund. If approved, the refund will be processed back to your original payment method within a designated timeframe.

                  Late or Missing Refunds

                  Should your refund be pending, kindly check your bank account and contact your credit card company if necessary. Feel free to reach out to us if you have concerns about your refund status.

                  Sale Items

                  Please note that only regular priced items are eligible for refunds; sale items are not refundable.


                  We facilitate item replacements for defective or damaged goods. If you need an exchange, contact us at whereby, we will view said request.


                  Gift Returns

                  If you received an item as a gift, you may receive a gift credit upon receipt of the returned item. If the item wasn't marked as a gift, a refund will be processed to the original payment method.


                  You are responsible for return shipping costs, which are non-refundable. If the returned item's value exceeds £75.00, we recommend using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance.

                  Please contact us for a shipping returns address as this may vary depending on our specific warehouse location.


                  Faulty, Damaged, or Incorrect Goods

                  At Home Living Luxury, we are committed to delivering goods that meet legal standards of quality, suitability, and description. In cases where goods are faulty, damaged, or incorrect, please follow the outlined procedure:

                  • We must provide goods that are satisfactory, fit for purpose, as described, and matching pre-contract information.
                  • If purchased goods do not conform, contact us by email at or by telephone on +442034359402. We recommend doing this promptly, to ensure you receive a refund, repair, or replacement.
                  • Your options include:
                    • Rejecting the goods within 30 days of receiving them, in order to clarify for a full refund.
                    • Requesting a repair or replacement. We bear associated costs and ensure minimal inconvenience.
                    • Under certain conditions, we may offer an alternative or full refund.
                    • If requesting repair or replacement within the initial 30-day period, this period will pause and resume upon receiving replacements or repaired goods.
                  • After a repair or replacement, if the goods remain non-conforming or if we fail to act within a reasonable time, you may request a secondary repair, replacement, or partial refund.
                  • If you choose to reject goods after six months of ownership, a refund may reflect usage.
                  • Within one year of ownership, if goods do not last a reasonable time, you may be entitled to a partial refund. After six months, you bear the burden of proving defects at delivery.


                  Please note that this clause does not apply if the goods where not used as intended, used for unsuitable purposes, or if issues arise from wear, tear, misuse, or intentional damage.

                  Cancelling and Returning Goods if You Change Your Mind

                  As a consumer, you have a legal cooling-off period to cancel the Contract for any reason. This begins once your Order is complete and we send the Order Confirmation, or before.

                  We extend a Goodwill Guarantee, which extends the legal cooling-off period:

                  • For single deliveries, the period ends 30 calendar days after you receive the goods.
                  • For separate deliveries, the period ends 30 calendar days after the final instalment of goods.


                  Refunds will be made using the same payment method unless you specify otherwise.



                  This Returns Policy exclusively applies to our wrought iron pieces. For more detailed and tailored information regarding returns, we recommend referring to the specific product pages.

                  It is important for customers to carefully review and comply with this returns policy to ensure a smooth return process and to avoid any deduction from the refundable amount.

                  Please check our store wide Return and Refund Policy for more information.


                  For any further assistance, you can contact Home Living Luxury at:

                  Phone: +442034359402